Sunday, May 30

Why all this shit hurted so much?

Hurted, in past. Cause in some point we look behind our ways and realize that we really fucked up... but then we look forward and get a smile cause we know that all the shit that we went though make it work the present and now it's so simple to walk barefoot by the broken glass and loose the fear to get hurt. So now I look back and I wonder why all the shit hurted so much... and I finally have the answer. Without pain there aren't rewards. Now... now I can breath quietly across the street, I can watch my phone without hope and obviously without a disappointment. I finally see faces and no hearts, I have confidence to look people in the eyes and fuck off the sickness that was inside, now I can show to the people that I don't give a shit about her thoughts, I'm only one person, only one, and the only one who can make desicions in my life it's me. I really don't care too much about the people around, and it's not neither me against the world or emo stuff like that... But I can live in peace now than everyone else recalled that they have a personal life independent of mine, and they take care of their business and left me alone with my stuffs. Thanks fucked world by your extremly beautiful performance making my life a shit while you're don't even care about me. Now I don't need you or your mad people worry about me anymore. I jump to the heaven, and I'm sure I'm going to hell, but you now what? That's my problem, not yours, so fuck off :)

{There's noone else in my head right now!}

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L' said...

I know u did this to me, thxs, i'm really flattered to know that u care about me...... don't care the distance, whenever u want, i'm right there.